Clause 1º
(Name, seat and duration)

  1. The Association is a collective person of private law, a non profit making association, with a technical, cientific and cultural object. Its name is “David Melgueiro Association” herein further designated by “Association”.
  2. The Association has its seat located in Portugal, 2520-641 Peniche, Campus 4, Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.
  3. The Association has been founded for an indertermined period of time, and its collective persons’ identification number is 510.979.246.

Clause 2º

  1. The object of the Association is the operational and logistical support to scientific and technical activities, in particular in the areas of the preservation of the environment, sciences of the sea and of the Earth, biological and atmospherical sciences, oceanography, submarine archaeology, and diving.
  2. The Association will dispose of the technical means, such as duly adapted and equiped crafts, in order to realize its objects.
  3. The Association can promote any activity considered necessary or usefull for the realization of its objects.
  4. The Association, supporting actions in a general sphere of activity with a view to contribute to the development of Humanity, intends to divulge the knowledge acquired during the missions it will execute, to the cientific community as well as to the public in general, and in particular, without limitation, through conferences, studies, and reports and documentaries for cinema and television..

Clause 3º
(Sphere of activity)

  1. The Association wil develop its activities in all oceanic areas of the world, including the arctic and antarctic polar regions.
  2. The Association is entirely independent from the State, from political parties and religious institutions.
  3. The Association and the activities it will carry on will always be characterized by a total autonomy and independence from any public or private entity.
  4. The Association will support and will cooperate with any person or institution with the same object, or through the celebration of any partnership or agreement aiming at similar objectives.
  5. The Association can celebrate partnerships with national or foreign organizations, in need of logistical and operational support in order to fulfill their scientific or training missions in any way related to the sea.

Clause 4º

Will constitute receipts of the Association, in particular:

  1. The admission fee paid by the Members.
    The receipt of the annual contribution or subscription fees, determined by the General Assembly.
    The gifts and subsidies whenever granted to it.
    The earnings from the Associations’ own goods, and those proceeding from the celebration of agreements and partnerships of common use and operation.
    The incomes from the services it provides, in the sphere of its social object.

Clause 5º
(Management Bodies)

  1. The Management Bodies of the Association are the General Assembly, the Management Board and the Tax Committee.
  2. The Management Bodies’ members are elected for a three year period.
  3. The members of the Management Bodies can be reelected, without any limitation.

Clause 6º
(General Assembly)

  1. All the members enjoying their full rights make up the General Assembly.
  2. The procedure to attend, the working and the competences of the General Assembly are those established by the Portuguese Civil Code, clauses 170 and 172 to 179.
  3. The Presidency of the General Assembly is formed by at least three members, among which the President and two Secretaries.
  4. The President of the General Assembly invites to attend, chairs and leads the meetings of the General Assembly, by opening, suspending, closing them, and he is in charge of the discipline of the sessions; he empoweres the members chosen to be part of the Management Bodies, he emits decisive vote, he undersigns the deeds with the other members of the Presidency of the General Assembly, he verifies the validity of the applications and lists for the election of the members of the Management Bodies.
  5. The two Secretaries of the Presidency will together be in charge of the tasks of the Presidency, equally divided between them, they write down the deeds, execute the tasks the President asks them to, and they substitute the President when he is impeded.

Clause 7º
(Management Board)

  1. The Management Board, elected by the General Assembly, is composed at least by three members, i.e. the President, the Vice-President and a Secretary.
  2. The Management Board is in charge of the social, administrative and financial management of the Association, and also represents it in court, and outside court.
  3. The procedure to attend and the working of the Management Board are ruled by clause 171 of the Portuguese Civil Code.
  4. The Association will be bound by the common intervention of two members of its Management Board.

Clause 8º
(Tax Committee)

  1. The Tax Committee, elected by the General Assembly, is composed of three Members: A President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
  2. Its duties are acompanying and controlling the activities of the Association, and in particular, the administrative and financial acts of the Management Board, the verification of its accounts and reports, and giving advice with regard to acts that could imply more costs or less receipts.
  3. The way of working of the Tax Committee is ruled by Clause 171 of the Portuguese Civil Code.

Clause 9º
(Admission, Refusal and Forclosing of members)

The admission or refusal conditions of new members, and the forclosing of members; their categories, rights and obligations will show from the Regulation to be approved by the General Assembly.

Clause 10º
(Extinction of the Association and the destination of its goods)

In case of extinction of the Association, the destination of the goods that are part of its assets, and have not been given or left to it weighed down with charges, will be subject to deliberation of the General Assembly.